Quartet San Francisco

QSF, island style!

We are practicing our Chamorro because we are going to the place where America’s day begins — the island of GUAM!  On our To-Do list …

  1. go snorkeling
  2. visit Talofofo because we really like the name — we hear there is a jungle river-boat cruise to catch there
  3. eat food with finadine sauce — really spicy stuff made with chili peppers and lemon  (see photo of Guamanian spices and hey wait, how’d that violin get in there?)

We admit to being somewhat intimidated by the coconut crab population.  Have a look at this YouTube video!

We will be playing a concert for Cantate Guam, a choral organization that hosted Jeremy for some concerts a few summers ago.

We are ready to get our Guam on!  And check it out — Guam is really far away.  LOTS of blue around it.