Quartet San Francisco


Blue Vivo

Yeah.  OK.  Any questions?  We are thinking … DATE NIGHT, people.  These two are THE most beautiful, THE sexiest, THE most authentic dancers this side of Buenos Aires.  Being in the house with them is supremely inspiring, thrilling, and capital “R” romantic!

Sandor and Parissa, partners in life and dance.  Check them out on YouTube here.  That’s a clip of them on Dancing With the Stars.  SHUT UP you are saying.  YES, DWTS. (Diet? Do we have time?)

So GET YOUR TICKET.  Get IN your car, do NOT be a homebody, couch potato, or other unattractive inanimate object.  You will want to be there.  In these concerts, with Maestro Mitch Klein on the podium, we are welcoming our new violist, Chad Kaltinger!  Perhaps Chad will get a spin around the dance floor with Parissa.

Passe Stretch