Quartet San Francisco

2017 Summer Tour

We are pleased to announce a summer tour to Italy and Germany. Summer means it’s festival season in Europe, where live music is supported by the local communities and people come out to town squares and historic spaces to listen to music in the cooler evening air.

Concert stops include Rome (details forthcoming), Arcidosso (in Tuscany), Cremona (the home of violin making and Antonio Stradivarius), Lucca (more to come on that), Foggia (in the south), and finally Ravensburg, Germany, where we collaborate with German singer Wiltrud Weber in an evening of tangos, klezmer, and jazz.

Tour map summer 2017

Violinist and composer Helmut Lipsky of Montreal joins us in the second violin chair for the first half of the tour. Helmut is a highly inventive, award-winning composer and a fellow Itzhak Perlman classmate of Jeremy’s. Here he is in a performance with his group, Melosphere. Helmut is a co-founder of the Clazz International Music Festival and will be teaching there this summer along with Jeremy and Andres.

Marcello De Francesco of the Alkemia Quartet (Foggia, Italy) joins us for the second half of the tour. Jeremy and Marcello met a few years ago when Marcello came to the Bay Area to work with Jeremy. They performed together in southern Italy in May 2016—check out this YouTube clip of “Tea for Two” from their Foggia concert. Marcello and the Alkemia Quartet are leading the charge of the crossover quartet in Italy.

Why not pack your bags and join us in Italy or Germany this summer!