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Congratulations to our violist, Chad Kaltinger, and his wife, Cathy Brewer, on the February 13, 2014 birth of their second son, Desmond.  And a special congrats to his big brother, Milo, too!


“I was born and all I got was this stuffed yellow viola!”

Pacific PremieresCongratulations to Gordon Goodwin and Vince Mendoza who both received Grammy nominations for works premiered on our new CD! Nominations were announced on Friday, November 6, and we were pleased that Pacific Premieres: New Works by California Composers got some nominee bling in the Best Instrumental Composition category.  The Grammy Awards will be announced on January 26, 2014.

Here you go … it’ll be a nail-biter …

Category 60: Best Instrumental Composition (a composer’s award for an original composition first released during the eligibility year)

1. BOUND AWAY, Chuck Owen, composer (Chuck Owen & The Jazz Surge), track from “River Runs: A Concerto for Jazz Guitar, Saxophone & Orchestra” [Mama Records]

2. CALIFORNIA PICTURES FOR STRING QUARTET, Gordon Goodwin, composer (Quartet San Francisco), track from Pacific Premieres: New Works by California Composers [Violinjazz Recordings]

3. KOKO ON THE BOULEVARD, Scott Healy, composer (Scott Healy Ensemble), track from “Hudson City Suite” [Hudson City Records]

4. PENSAMIENTOS FOR SOLO ALTO SAXOPHONE AND CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, Clare Fischer, composer (The Clare Fischer Orchestra) [Clavo Records]

5. STRING QUARTET NO. 1: FUNKY DIVERSIONS IN THREE PARTS, Vince Mendoza, composer (Quartet San Francisco), track from Pacific Premieres: New Works by California Composers [Violinjazz Recordings]

Click here to hear samples of the works. Visit YouTube for our live performances of these works.

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Thank you for a great CD release at Yoshi’s in September! It’s exciting to get the disc out there and to receive the posts and emails with your feedback.  Keep them coming!

October 16 we’ll be on the stage at Typhoon at the Santa Monica Airport.  LA folks, we hope to see you there! Reservations are required if you want to eat dinner.

On October 20 we will be participating in the fantastic free San Francisco event, SFMusic Day, an annual event of the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music. We’ll be in the Hume Concert Hall 4:00-4:30 but the event starts at NOON!  So come on down and hear lots of fantastic music from our Bay Area colleagues.

We’re looking forward to our December 18 concert in New York at Leonard Nimoy Thalia, Symphony Space.


Yes, THAT Leonard Nimoy.  He has funded the space and we think that places him securely in the Hall of Fame for generosity of art and spirit. We’ll be featuring music from our latest CD, Pacific Premieres. It will be a joy to bring the music of these California composers to our New York audience!

Hope to see you soon, east or west!


Please join us at Yoshi’s in Jack London Square, Oakland, for a happy celebration of our latest release!  Ticket info here.

* Boisterous, jovial commotion or excitement

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Pacific Premieres cover
Gordon Goodwin, California Pictures for String Quartet (Oakland – Carmel – Venice)

Vince Mendoza, String Quartet No. 1: Funky Diversions in Three Parts (Mike and Randy – Towner – Maurice White)

Patrick Williams, The Bay is Deep Blue

Gordon Goodwin, Three Stages for String Quartet (Focus – Contemplation – Resolution)

Jeremy Cohen, Guamba


We love our cover art which was designed by Gwen Terpstra who has, in fact, done ALL of our CD art since 2006!  Thank you, Gwen!

And thank you to our wonderful fans for respecting the intellectual property of the artists and performers by not burning copies of this CD. It represents an accumulation of about 150 years of music education, 100,000 hours of practice, and the sweat of many brows.  In fact we haven’t *stopped* sweating yet!