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We are thrilled about our two upcoming shows in San Francisco at landmark venues! We hope you’ll join us at the Presidio on July 10 and at the Legion of Honor on July 12. See below or our “concerts” page for details.  Our cellist for both events is Andres Vera.



August Rodin (French, 1840–1917), The Thinker, ca. 1880, cast ca. 1904
Bronze. Height: 6 ft. 6 in. Signed: A Rodin; stamped: Alexis Rudier / Fondeur. Paris.
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Gift of Alma de Bretteville Spreckels, 1924.18.1


We’ve got some fantastic guest cellists joining us for our upcoming concerts!  Learn more about them here and we hope to see you in San Francisco, Oelwein, Muncie, or Ukiah!

QSF heads off to China for real…soon…come out and see us!

Dailan Nov 21 (Dailan Developing Zone Theater)
Yingkou Nov 23 (Yingkou Art Center)
Jinan Nov 26 (Jinanlishan Theater)
Beijing Nov 27 (Donggong Theater)
Beijing Nov 28th (National Grand Theater)
Baoding Nov 29 (Baoding Zhili Grand Theater)
Nanchang Dec 1 (Jiangxi Center)
Xuzhou Dec 2 (Xuzhou Musical Hall)
Zhengzhou Dec 3 (Zhengzhou Musical Hall)
Liuzhou Dec 5 (Liuzhou Grand Theater)

Here we go, folks! If you are in South Korea, here is where you can see or hear us play!

Hwaseong Art Hall (Gyeonggi-do) on October 26th.
Daegu Hyundai Department Store (Daegu) on October 29th.
TBS Studio (Seoul) is having us in the studio for a radio interview at 3:00.
And our final concert is at ULSAN KBS Hall (Ulsan) on November 4th.

We are looking forward to seeing our friends, fellow string players, and fans in wonderful South Korea!

Thank you, Strings Magazine! Read the full article here.

QSF in Strings, May 2014


Congratulations to our violist, Chad Kaltinger, and his wife, Cathy Brewer, on the February 13, 2014 birth of their second son, Desmond.  And a special congrats to his big brother, Milo, too!


“I was born and all I got was this stuffed yellow viola!”