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A group of former Sonoma State University music students is getting the band(s) back together for the first annual Alumni Recital on April 15 at 2 pm in Schroeder Hall. Proceeds from the concert will go to the Ezra G. Rust Scholarship fund.

Performers  include the three-time Grammy nominated Quartet San Francisco led by violinist Jeremy Cohen ‘77 and the groups Muse and Aircastle, featuring Robert Gilmore ‘79, Jan Ferrin ‘75, David Godet, Steve Puleo ‘77, Barbara Vivian Rogers, Rita Thies, Carroll Glenn ’80 and others. The concert will encompass a variety of styles ranging from classical to jazz, tango to cartoon music and progressive rock.

Cohen and Gilmore were among those mentored by the late violinist and music educator Anne Crowden, who taught at Sonoma State before moving to Berkeley and founding The Crowden School in 1983. In Crowden’s memory, Quartet San Francisco will be performing Cohen’s “Crowdambo.” “Anne communicated to me how important it is that the joy of music-making be evident in my playing at every moment,” Cohen says.

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BillyChildsSan Francisco Performances welcomes Billy Childs with QSF, Becca Stevens, and Alicia Olatuja to Herbst Theatre on March 4, 2017. In Fall 2014 QSF joined composer-pianist Billy Childs at the Monterey Jazz Festival in the early days following the release of his album tribute to Lauro Nyro.  Map to the Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro was awarded a Grammy in 2015 for Best Arrangement Featuring a Vocalist (for New York Tendaberry).

Billy Childs on the making of Map to the Treasure: Billy Childs video

Laura Nyro links: 4-10-97 Rolling Stone, and a biography

We’re looking forward to revisiting this project with Billy for San Francisco Performances!


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We know it. These are trying times.

We are lucky. We can pick up our instruments and let it all  hang out.

Music heals, forgives, brings us together, gives us hope, reminds us of our own beauty.

We feel the power of it. Bringing the music is what we can do to help keep our ears on the good stuff.

We hope you will join us on December 4 at 3:00 for an afternoon of the good stuff.

This event is at a beautiful home in Tiburon. Sponsored by Musica Marin.


Musica Marin is a premier non-profit concert series dedicated to preserving musical culture through providing unique, quality music programs and concerts that cultivate and grow audiences’ awareness and participation in the musical arts. By bringing together world-renowned artists from Europe, New York City, and the S.F. Bay Area to collaborate with exceptionally-gifted up-and-coming young performers.



Strings Sessions QSF

New video of our Michael Jackson medley and Jeremy Cohen’s Guamba is now up at Strings Magazine. Thanks, Strings!


Here are the details of our upcoming concert at the Old Whaling Church on Monday evening, July 25th.  Get the sand out from between your toes and come join us!  The church was built by whaling captains in 1843.  Being San Franciscans we like the sound of that. whaling